Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Butterick 5495

It started off so well I really like the pattern on the packet an easy to wear top, then  I found some lovely material.  
I like colour, and this felt so summery and fresh. 

I had been looking at this pattern and had seen many versions where it had been lengthened and made into a dress, I had enough material to do this so I went ahead and lengthen the pattern pieces.
the perfect marriage, or so I thought.
Cataloguing my handmade garments is about sharing the good with the bad, and for me this is definitely the latter.  I just cannot grasp what it is I dislike so much about this dress.
The picture says it all, Its all too much for me.  I dont normally wear dresses this long.  My friend liked the length, but I prefer knee length dresses.  I had to stitch up the front opening as it was way too low, but I think I stitched it to high.  The whole outfit  feels so matronly.  
I have full intention of cutting it down to a long top and wearing layers with it.  I shall follow up with altered dress.

Never mind, onto the next project. I am at present planning my winter wardrobe. More to follow.

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  1. Louise, don't chop it into a top just yet (Please). Try chopping it to a knee length dress. I think it would make a great dress - but just shorter. I think a dress that long needs flair - eg tulip look or godets etc. Try it shorter first.

  2. Well I think it looks pretty good, the colours really look nice on you. I have to admit my first thought was it looked a little long. I think knee length would be perfect. Did you think about a lower the neck line and perhaps wearing a camisole underneath so it doesn't show so much? Love to see the clothes you make, you have a real eye for colours and patterns.

  3. Yes, you don't look happy in the picture. When all is said and done, you are the one that has to wear it. If you don't like it, you won't be happy. I think the colours may be wrong for you - you have put a gorgeous aqua necklace on and that looks nice. This fabric has a grey blue background and lots of warm green. That may be the problem. Look at how happy you look in the little aqua print dress with aqua cardigan.

    It's a pity, because it is a pretty dress - shorten it incrementally and see how it looks. Layer a cardigan over it and see how it looks. It may just be not your style - a lot of your other garments are more tailored. I feel funny in draped things as well. It's a pity though, when you make something and it doesn't work out well.

  4. Thanks you all for advising me, let. I never thought about the yellow/green, I usually get my colours right. I think it's because it's jersey and maybe not tailored enough. I was trying something different. I will shortening knee length first, add a cardigan and see if that improves it before making it into a top.

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  6. Yes, just shorten it first, and then add a contrasting cardigan to break up the green/grey background. Heels? Boots? Chunky bracelet? Youthify this dress with accessories. :-)

  7. Thanks Mary, I just show the dress as it is, maybe in future I should show the garment how I would incorporate it with my wardrobe.


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