Sunday, 5 August 2012

Summers here with the help of Butterick 5751

 At last Summer has arrived, and time to get that sewing machine out and make up this lovely  fabric
Yes your eyes do not deceive you £1.59 for 41/2 yards of 36" wide vintage linen fabric.   I had originally wanted to use it for a lovely Vogue vintage dress pattern, but even though I had yards and yards of it, due  to the width of this fabric, my choice was limited. So I ended up making it into this pattern

Butterick 5751
A very easy to follow pattern.  For my full review follow the link on the left.  I altered the length of the dress by six inches, and as Id used the linen instead of the suggested jersey, I had to add a zip down the centre back.  I also stitched down the folds on the bodicetop, so the fabric sat better. By pure chance it goes really well with the little top.

  Im just heading off to a party, hubbies Aunts  
70th birthday, its a lovely summer evening after a spectacular thunderstorm.
I've really enjoyed making this dress.  I follow lots of blogs where people do not buy Ready to Wear clothing, and I would so love to follow them, it must be so rewarding.  But I just do not have access to resources locally.  My local dressmaking shop, yes just the one.  Seems to be making the transition into a quilting shop. Whenever I go there, there seems less dress fabric and rows and rows of quilting fabric, sadly not the retro Michael Millers or Amy Butlers that I would use, does anyone else have a similar situation.
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  1. Lovely dress. I have this pattern so it is nice to see it sewn up. Fabric and shrug match nicely too.

    Although I live in Sydney and there are lots of fabric shops around, I still buy most of my fabric online at in the USA. If I buy enough and keep my eye on the shipping costs in the basket it normally comes out quite cheap. I can normally get around 10 - 15 yards (depending on weight of fabric) for around AUS$25 shipping which spread over the order doesn't add that much per yard.

  2. Your dress is simply fabulous!!! I love the fabric SO much, it's perfect for the pattern and looks great on you. We have a couple of places to buy fabric in our town, but it's either horribly cheap fabric or designed for quilting. I too would love to make all my own clothes, but with limited fabric choices its quite hard. I might have to learn to shop online for it.

  3. Your dress looks super with this fabric. Great styling with the little coverup.
    I am so in the same situation as you, re the lack of fabric shops. I also think I might have to look into this online shopping for fabric a little closer.
    Enjoy the party...


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