Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Village Show

On Saturday it was our village's 75th Village Show.   There are lots of catagories to enter.  Flowers, Photography, crafts, vegetables and food.  Open to all age groups.
Everything was maticulously arranged by the organisers

The Silverware was polished
There was some fine specimens on show 

Some were artistically displayed (blurry photo sorry)
 my quilt is on the left.

Its a shame to eat this little guy!

Me.   I won 3rd prize.  My friend pipped me to 2nd place with her bear.

At the end of the day items not collected were auctioned off , proceeds going to the village hall and its upkeep.  
It was a good day.
Last night we went for a 10mile bike ride with a stop halfway for refreshments, it was lovely to be out enjoying the summer.  Today, it looks like another beautiful day.   
Summer really feels like it  has well and truly  arrived.  
Must fly and enjoy the day.
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  1. Well done on third place with your quilt!! Your village show sounds like a lovely time with a great sense of community. I wish we had something like that here.


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