Monday, 9 July 2012

Busy week

A lot happening this week.   Yesterday we went to a Christening.  Its Yonks since we went to one of those.  Very nice afternoon, just hubbie and me.  The kids are now at the age when they  dont really want to come to "Dos" anymore. 

Its also that time of the year again.  This week is mine, my brothers, and my sisters birthday.  

So quite a busy week. Hubbie is on a weeks holiday, so hopefully a bit of  DIY and a  trip out will be on the cards.  Then on Wednesday  I have a job interview.  Very excited,  not had a job interview since 2002. Its not "the dream job" just a cleaning job, but  it will still enable me to do my crafting, and its just around the corner, so no travelling expenses which is good, so touch wood.   "A jobs, a job", as we say around here, I'm amazed I've got an interview!   

So Fingers crossed

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment Louise and LOTS of luck with your job interview! Enjoy all your celebrations and have a lovely week. :0)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! All the best of luck with you job interview - my fingers are crossed for you.


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