Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The rucksack from a pair of jeans

Well I was so keen to get the rucksack completed, I decided to get the bike out and ride to the next town.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was on my face and my skirt was blowing in the warm breeze, and for a moment I felt carefree like a teenager.  I just love cycling, of course only in the warmer weather.

The denim has been a pain to work with, especially as I have a nail dropping off, I kept catching it OUCH.


The inside first 
  Check lining, with a pocket, keyring holder  and a drawstring cord.

The Coco Cola logo was on the waistband, makes a great handle

The only thing I am disappointed with is the pocket on the right.  Which is too high, maybe I should have unpicked it and put it lower down. However its a great place to hold a umbrella. I may buy some poppers so it closes
The  front pockets have gussets 

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWell DD is more than happy with it. The house however is another story. Now I must tackle the kitchen pots.

Update.  DD finds the pocket on the right very handy.  She keeps her foldaway brolly there, and the bottled water on the other.  Just thought Id let you know. louise 

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  1. That is brilliant! it will be so useful.
    Ouch! Hope your poor nail is healing now.


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