Saturday, 16 February 2013

Divine Details Vogue 8576 - A bit like childbirth!

Firstly thank you for the kind comments received, they are appreciated.  We are having a better week.  I do want to blog about my life around my crafts, and sometimes life isn't always rosy.

Today I popped into town and headed to a Charity Shop.  Readers what do you think of this fabric, does it look like curtains?  Be honest now

It is in fact a double cotton duvet. loads of fabric for £1.00.  Im visualising a summer dress with it, the vintage vogue on my sewlutions list,  But Im not 100% convinced.   Its really nice quality.  comments appreciated please.

So onto Vogue 8576, not the quickest of makes for me. 

"Its a bit short said one of my sons, and if you put a tabard on you'd like a care worker in an old folks home." Thanks, not quite the look I was going for and I did lengthen it by 21/2 inches But once he said it I knew what he meant, I think its the colour, it definitely needs accessories.   

The pattern said easy, and it is. But I have never made a pattern up  before with so many unconventional shaped pieces, 14 pieces in all, and my inexperience in handling these pieces showed. I just found it baffling, especially as I couldn't tell right from wrong on the fabric.

I think my fabric choice was poor, it showed every sewing mistake possible and it creases easy, it is also too dark not showing off the composition of this dress and the top-stitching.  I cannot count the amount of times I unpicked it in my search for perfection, getting the seams straight and centered up to the points on the skirt part.  I made a mistake, not noticing because I was busy concentrating on getting the fit right on my shoulders and bust.  (the points on the neck line are not in line with the seam.)  I  dont know how it came about.

My negative comments are not with the pattern but my own efforts  and the fabric choice, I actually like  this pattern  and it is worth the effort.  My next one will be much  quicker and with modifications, omitting the horizontal seam at waist level for a start (very unflattering)  and maybe making it more A-line, the pattern didnt look so straight on the pattern sleeve.  

skirt inserts I found these quite tricky 
Close up of the inserts at waist level where they meet together
apologies for picture quality.

So back to that title, a bit like childbirth........  I probably wouldn't want to make another one for a while because it seemed to go on for ever, there was a lot of frustration,  and halfway through  I wanted to give up, but Im so pleased I didn't because I was rewarded with something really nice. I will also more than likely forget what a headache it was and want to make another.  Sounds familiar.!!

Now for some thing less taxing.
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  1. I love your dress and think it turned out really well. The pattern suit sour very well. I can see it dressed up with some sparkly jewels for a night out. Perhaps with a lovely light weight shawl? Now, the floral fabric is fabulous!!!!! How to you have such luck with these amazing finds? A summer dress is a definite YES in my books. As soon as I saw it the flowers reminded me of a boden dress I've been coveting on eBay.

  2. Beautiful fabric, I'd use it for a frock. I've some lovely sheets, again lots of fabric for not much money, that I want to use to make a couple of frocks from.
    Your latest frock looks like it's a good fit, but I can see what you mean about accessories. Perhaps you could applique something on to it to add a little more interest. :-)

    1. Thanks for the comments and suggestions The dress looks like a basic shift dress, on my screen but it has got 14 pieces and lots of top stitching. Really the dress shouldnt need anything adding. I things I will take the plunge and cut the flowery fabric, if there is enough for the pattern.

  3. Louise - that dress is lovely. I actually love the colour and as someone who goes on an almost daily basis to aged care facilities as part of my job I can assure you - the dress doesn't look remotely like aged care uniform. I think the neckline is fab - I wish I could see the detailing better. I think it has turned out great.

  4. Hi Beajay I will try and put a better picture of the dress for you.


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