Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vogue 2960

At last I have finally finished vogue 2960.  Ive been  dragging my heels with this, then last weekend there was no productivity whatsoever as I came down with a rotten cold and aches,  so I just kept myself warm by the fire and watched  a film.

Remember me showing you the 50p duvet and thinking I could make a dress out of it.  Well I have and here it is. 

Excuse the photos today was the first good day weather wise for ages,  It was bitterly cold (they have forecast snow.)

I love vintage so it was only a matter of time before I tackled a vintage pattern, I particularly liked  the scoop neck and bodice on this pattern.  This dress has been very tricky to fit on my little shoulders, I had to reshape the back making the scoop higher, and also take in excess fabric,  then do a full bust adjustment on the front, I think I lost some of that lovely sweep due to the shape of my shoulders, but the dress does stay in place which I am more happier about.

I really like the feel of the dress, It will be so nice and cool in the summer, it feels very feminine.  I wanted a shrug to go with it, and keep with the 50's feel.   So I scoured the charity shops and came across a long cardigan with a tie belt.  I cut it down turned the hem up towards the right side and then added the belt to the edge, covering the raw edges of the hem, I hand stitched this. 

Much as I like the dress I dont find it very flattering especially the pleats, so I probably wont be making another, I think I prefer straighter dresses, also I think it just looks like a nice summer dress and not at all  like the glamorous vintage picture at all, partly due to these fabulous  50's illustrations, maybe it needs the petticoat?
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  1. Oh I love this dress! You look fabulous in it and the floral pattern is really nice. Well done.

    1. Aww so kind Louise, it's a keeper, but not a favourite, who knows it may grow on me.

  2. Love the dress - great use of the duvet. Looks good on you - love the shrug with it too.

  3. That fabric is so pretty so I can see why you were drawn to it! I like it with the little shrug too, the ensemble really does have the flavour of the 50's :)

    1. Thank you Carolyn, I do think the shrug finishes it off.

  4. Wow! Lovely dress, and very flattering! I am going to start making this for my daughter!
    Thanks for sharing!


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