Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kwik Sew 3267 & sewing organising

Its a while since I blogged, I lost my blogging voice, life's  like that sometimes.  I have however still  been popping in and seeing some great posts with marvellous makes.  

I finally finished hubby's trousers, a recap Kwik Sew 3267 
they are made from vintage wool suiting, a bargain £3.00 buy, the quality shows through as they hang beautifully.

All that worrying about the pockets are hardly noticeable

  I had been waiting patiently for him to try them on for a fitting (did I just type patiently).  Anyway I decided I would just make them up as it was holding me up. I'm one of those people that cannot start a new project unless the  current one is finished.  So I completed them, he finally tried them,  loved them, but they were far too baggy in the leg for him. So I slimmed the leg,  re-hemmed, and now we are both happy with them. He would like me to sew the welts down, something I omitted, wasn't reading the pattern there!!  He was so pleased he asked for a 'from No.23' logo to be sewn on the front.

I bought on Ebay a lucky dip bag of  bankrupt stock Coats sewing cotton threads  50 threads for £5.00 plus delivery (no longer available)

I haven't had a Lucky Bag since I was a child,  I have to say I was just as excited as back then.  I wasn't disappointed, there were 100% cottons, general sewing threads, strong threads  and also embroidery threads, only 2 duplicates,  52 threads in all. prices ranging from £1.60 - £3.00 per reel estimated value £85.00 This prompted me to sort my sewing notions out, with the help of  my pattern review book  for those interested

Here is what I did:-

my actual pattern are stored numerically in a box under the bed (I dont know why I havent sorted them numerically before, maybe because I only have about 30 patterns, this is great for putting straggler pattern pieces away) at the moment this system works well for me.
The  pattern sleeve I have put into a file sorted into catagories dresses, seperates etc

 My cotton reels I keep in boxes and vintage tins, these were all sorted and labelled, my spools I keep in purpose made boxes but I have numbered them with sticky backed paper so matching them up is now a lot easier.
 I also did a rough inventory of my uncut fabrics. I keep
 this in a sleeve with my patterns folder. This I have found the most beneficial for me. My memory is appalling so its great having this with my patterns so I can easily put A with B. 

 My trims, I have wound onto cardboard which is tons better, no more tangled messes  and space saving.

I really enjoyed this, I would love to be able to catalogue them on the computer, but we don't have windows and I have yet to find a suitable compatible programme for our computer.

My next project, I recently I bought  this piece of fabric

 the colours drew me instantly to it, though on hindsight it is a little busy.  I am going to cut it up today to make a skirt for summer (I believe summer has finally arrived, even though the spring bulbs are just blooming.)
Im not sure yet  how I will make it up yet, I'm thinking a straight skirt but I would like to add this blue grosgrain which matches up beautifully, I may just take a skirt from one of my existing dress patterns maybe this one, Vogue 8667. 
Last week I helped my friend organise a Cake Break Fund Raising event, in our local town, proceeds in aid of MS Society, there was cakes and a few craft stalls. One of the stall holders was Sally whose blog I follow.  It is quite bizarre actually meeting a fellow blogger for the first time. Sally had some great pieces of work on her table, a very clever lady, I came away with a lovely pincushion and badge she had made.  It was nice to meet her.  

Lastly I am road testing my sons camera, more advanced than my own, I'm thinking of upgrading.  Has anyone noticed an improvement in the picture quality. 

Happy Crafting

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  1. Love those pants! Great job.

  2. Looks like you have been busy Louise, on all the sorting out and the sewing. Pants do look really good, almost a vintage look about them.

    1. I agree, dare I say the material looks a tad old fashioned. My son jokes there like old mens trousers, but they are a beautiful quality fabric.

  3. Wow! you have been productive, the storage and catalogue of sewing things is so impressively neat and tidy. And those trousers for your husband look absolutely amazing! beautiful work :)

  4. Gosh, you are mega organized! I wish I could be that organized. My patterns are all over the place. Those pants look very professional, well done.

  5. Hi Louise, enjoyed this post, you are such an accomplished sewer, those trousers are brilliant, they look so neat and hang wonderfully as you say, I wouldn't know where to start with something like that. I'm very impressed with your haberdashery tidying, it made me think I must sort my ribbons and lace on cardboard as they are all twisted and wasting away in a mess. Good luck with the next project, I like the fabric. Sally xx


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