Monday, 7 October 2013

My Garment a Month Challenge

 I have joined Sarah Liz's sewalong making one item a month.  Yes I think I should be able to manage that one. However I must make thermal curtains, so while I decide on curtain fabric choice I think I will start my challenge.  
I am still needing to de stash, get these fabrics used up and have a fresh start with different fabrics but I feel like a mouse on a wheel when it comes to de-stashing.  As soon as I sew some of it up I will find a piece of fabric on my travels. 
So  for my October Make a Garment a Month challenge I will be making Butterick 5890.B5890    
I know I have just made this top, but I have just enough of some Rose and Hubble purple/white polka dot fabric left over from a dress I made for my daughter to make this top.  It will go nicely with the 2 skirts I have just made, increasing my mini wardrobe. The style option is dependant on how far the fabric goes.
So what else for October, I really need to finish my coat that must have been sitting in the wardrobe for about 3 years now, all the hard work is done, so why I havent finished it I just dont know. The socks I am knitting for my husband, I  am on the home straight with them now which I am so pleased about, I feel like Ive been knitting them for an eternity.  

So thats it for October.  What are you all sewing/knitting this month? 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. It's a good idea to make things to co-ordinate with your mini wardrobe - that's a lovely blouse. I will enjoy watching this one - I have the pattern as well.

    It is hard to de-stash isn't it - always tempting to buy something else :). Knitting can go on forever ...

  3. That's a lovely blouse Louise! Also I have had to change my blog address so you can now follow me at Sorry about that.

  4. Oh that design is really lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I smiled at your description of a mouse on a wheel, and I can relate completely. As soon as I enter a fabric store to buy zips, buttons or something essential to finish off something and I'm congratulating myself on diminishing the stash a bit; I invariably see some delectable new fabric that is calling my name!


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