Thursday, 9 July 2015

A rucksack for Amy

I was fortunate to be given some old curtains, vintage as well. My daughters friend fell in love with some William Morris ones and somehow I offered to make a rucksack for her for when she goes to university. We drafted up some ideas. I had some leather samples, just liitle squares so she asked if I could make pockets with them one blue one green  a zipped pocket on the back for security and an inner zipped pocket.

I must admit it  came together like a breeze. It was so good not to use a pattern and let my creative juices flow. I didn't want to put it down I was engrossed.

 I wish I get more creative with my dressmsking. You know embroidering, appliqué even patchworking pieces before cutting out. I once saw a lady who had a marvellous pea coat and each piece was a different fabric they were like curtain fabrics. It was inspiring, crazy and fun all at once.

  I made a shoulder strap  and interlined it for comfort and more support. I only needed to purchase the straps and fasteners. Everything else was available which was great.

As you can imagine she is delighted with it.


  1. WOW!!!!! I am in total awe, you are so clever! Very professional looking and absolutely gorgeous! Love the fabric choice and the pockets are awesome! I want one!!!!! Amy's friends are going to be seriously jealous.

  2. I love it too after years and umpteen bags later I realise rucksacks work best for me. I need to make one for me;-)

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