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Recycled Plastic Wallet

Dont you just love it when you get something for nothing, recycling and creating something new and exciting, makes me happy.  Im a thrifty girl after all.  My sister laughs at me, she thinks Im slightly bonkers.   
I loved making my recycled plastic pannier for my bike.  So I thought I would make a wallet for my son.  I used a very strong carrier bag that came from his favourite gaming shop.  He is so chuffed with it that I thought Id try and create a free Tutorial for you all.   Hope you like, and sorry if there are any errors. Any notes to consider are in red
the back showing the outer pocket

The original I made, inpsired loosly from my pocket filofax. Having 3 card flaps on the left, a purse section on the right.  
An outer pocket and a large pocket for notes.

You will need recycled plastic bags & velcro
More  deatils on my original post about recycled plastic and my method of fusing.

The wallet is constructed by folding in half then a quarter. Please take note of this when positioning main piece on plastic especially if it has a pattern or logo, as the bottom half of the main piece will become upside down when folded. If you know what I mean!

The plastic is so springy and shiny, making it difficult to photograph.

As there is no binding on the edges I recommend topstitching to strengthen, I used red so it was more visable for you.
Machine    Main - top and bottom edge
 Pocket flap - 3 edges
                                  card flap - top and bottom (shorter edges)
             outer pocket - one long edge
              inner pocket - one long edge
Attach the velcro, see pattern and pics for positioning.  On hindsight I would attach the velcro on the fastener last of all ensuring you get a good fit.

Attach the fastener to the outer pocket, If placing it in the centre, remember that the outer pocket is half an inch longer, so you will need to place it  11/4" from the bottom of lower edge of the outer pocket.  Machine along 3 sides, then machine across the middle of the fastener to secure.
Ignore my logo as I put it upside down. Im only human

Next fold in half, then again and make some sharp creases of how the finished piece will look, also use creases as guidelines.

Attach the outer pocket to the main piece. Positioning it in the bottom right hand corner of the main piece lining it up to the centre vertical crease.
The pocket will overlap the centre horizontal crease.  Machine the 3 outer edges

Fold the card flap as stated on pattern.  Attach to the inner pocket, placing on the left side.  Machine in place ,down the 2 vertical sides to secure.

then place the  inner pocket  onto the main piece.  See picture below.  Machine all around the outer edge of the pocket inner . Machine up the middle to secure purse section, this is not shown on pic below. 

Fold in half. two smooth sides together. 

Machine around the 3 outer edges, making sure not to catch in the fastener that is underneath.


I hope that you like it, and, more important that you can follow my instructions.  It would be interesting to hear your comments if you use it. 

Edited 8.8.12

The wallets are still going strong, but the print has gradually worn off the red wallet.  The black one looks as good as the day it was created, its as soft as leather. It also got left in a pair of trousers that I washed!!  The contents managed to only get damp, unlike the leather wallet he previously owned, where everything was ruined..

And how about this wonderful idea for recycled lights, all made from coloured plastic bottles. I personally thinks this is SOoo fun.

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