Thursday, 11 April 2013

Drama in a sleepy Village

Well its not often something interesting happens in our village, but last night something did.  

Picture the scene, we had not long finished our tea and I was just settling down to do a spot of sewing, when my daughter came through the door after an early evening jog. 
"I dont know whats happening down at the station but there are load of police vans there" I thought nothing of it, because nothing really happens in this sleepy village. 

Five minutes later my daughter comes down stairs saying her friend was stuck at the railway station, because the trains had been cancelled due to a bomb found near the railway line. More precisely the railway line at the end of our road.

By this time people were looking out of their front doors, not sure if it was all possible, traffic was blocked off.  Then the bomb squad came whizzing past.  Thankfully we were not evacuated and no one was hurt.

It turned out that the local village gardening committee had been digging up a flower bed close to the railway and found an inert 2lb bomb from WWII.
  A bomb was dug up by Nafferton in Bloom members.Amazing its been there over 60 years.  Today everything is back to normal,  its almost like a dream.  
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  1. Amazing what you find when you go digging.

    Lucky it turned out well for all.

    A bit of excitement in a sleepy village is always good.

  2. Wow, that is a bit of excitement we could all do without! Reminds me of a recent story in the papers here, where someone bought a house, and during renovations discovered an unexploded hand grenade in a cupboard, that the previous (deceased) owner had kept as a souvenir from his war days!! Unbelievable!


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