Sunday, 5 January 2014

A New haircut

  Yesterday I went to the hairdressers and had a haircut, my hair has been in such a mess its also been falling out in handfuls, which has been worrying and also embarrassing, leaving a trail behind me. It got so bad the children threatened to buy me a hairnet.  Ive been told it was the stress from when I was rushed into hospital, anyway its settled down now and hopefully it will grow back.  As a result my  haircut looks completely different a lot wispier.  Thankfully I had a good mop of hair to begin with and it should grow back. 
Apart from needing a good trim  the other reason I needed a haircut is because I am going to a job interview on Tuesday.  Before Christmas I applied for an admin job, the position was inundated with applications, so they asked 8 people to come and do a word/excel test, I was asked to come and do one.  I was so nervous as I havent used Excel since 2000 when I did a short course, so I tried to brush up on You tube.  I arrived early for my interview, the interviewees were late back from lunch.  Then the computer wouldnt work.  It was a diddy laptop with windows xp.  I had half an hour for my test, yet I could have done with half an hour just to familiarise myself  with the computer.  They kindly gave me  an extra 5  minutes because of the slow start.  In the middle of my test the next applicant arrived, which I found very off putting.  I came away convinced I had made a complete mess of it all, thinking I should have done it all differently.  As I didnt hear from them I assumed I hadnt got an interview.  But a few days later than anticipated I received an email asking me to attend a panel interview, so I must have done something right, not sure what though.  Now what do I wear for an interview?

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  1. Your hair looks fab!!! I love it. All the best for your interview.

  2. The haircut is a good idea - it looks lovely. Good luck with the interview. Panel interviews are always daunting.

  3. Oh, that is exciting news about the job. I wish you'll the best for the next stage :)

  4. that should have read "wish you all the best' !


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