Sunday, 19 January 2014

Knitting Project Bag

Well sadly I didn't get the job. There were 3 other people  being interviewed, it seemed to go well, but obviously not well enough! You see I have a record where every job I have had an interview for I have been fortunate to be offered the job. Now that bubble has burst. I have to say I was gutted. A for my record being broken and B for not securing the job. I would have enjoyed it, but it wasn't to be. Never mind Onward  and Upward.  

This weekend it has been so wet here.  But I decided to pop into town and do a bit of shopping.  I managed to come home with a fat quarter of fabric and pondered what to do with it.  So today I made this
A project bag to store my knitting.  Its ideal as I tend to knit small objects, i.e. socks, gloves, hats, which I carry around with me in my  bag.

I simply lined it with some available  fabric. I didnt put anything in between the two layers, as I wanted to keep it light and soft.

Now I am a big fan of  circular and sets of 4 knitting, in fact it could be responsible for re kindling my love of knitting.  I love the Knit Pro range (I may have told you this before)  So with the remainder of the fabric I was able to make an organiser to store all my new needles

I love the concept, even if it is all a little fussy.  But Im not wearing it so it doesnt really matter. It was a great way to us the vintage panel squares. Ideally I would have used another colour fabric with it, but white is all I had.  Its also quite compact when folded up.

Ive so enjoyed knitting and crocheting with the cold nights these last few months.  Thankfully the nights are slowly getting lighter, I love to observe how light its becoming on a daily basis, and how later in the day I am closing the curtains on an evening. Roll on 
lighter and warmer days.

I have to confess I havent been inspired to dressmake, I keep looking at the patterns but nothing has excited me, until I spotted this dress pattern in Vogues Spring collection  Vogue 1381.    Im smitten, so in love with it.  I cannot wait for them to stock it in the UK so I can get my discount from my magazine subsciption. Talking of which,  just take a look at what is on the front of my magazine which was delivered this Saturday 

Just look at that quilting/stitching detail isnt it heavenly. I did say I was in love with it.
I cant wait

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  1. So sorry to hear about the job not coming through. But you're right, onward and upward!!

    Love the project bag and needle case. I need a needle case! :)


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