Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Meet my Bernina 1008

Well she arrived and here she is.  Lets just take a  pause and soak up this moment before I open the box, because I know I will never be here again owning a brand new sewing machine, a precious moment.

It is a Bernina 1008.  Not unsimilar to my previous machine  1020 that I was told needed stripping back and rebuilding again (after a disastrous repair experience) I chose this model solely because it was the nearest to that machine which I loved, and I could use all the accessories that I already had.

The machine is  a lower spec machine to my 1020 and when I first started testing it out, I couldn't help but compare it.  There are less fancy stitches,   no half speed option, no knee lifter,no tacking stitch and no auto bobbin wind.   If I'm honest (without sounding ungrateful) I was a tad disappointed.  I thought It would always be in the shadow of my beloved 1020.

But there is good news.   When I got sewing properly with it all thoughts of the 1020 disappeared, its all about how it handles when you are sewing with it, it felt good like I hoped it would. I can control the foot pedal so it can go really slow.  The fancy stitches, well I only used a few, and I'm sure I will get used to the bobbin winding. The machine sews like a dream.

I like heavy metal machines not plastic ones.  I'm not into fancy stitches but techniques.  I just want a good buttonhole and a reliable machine (touch wood) that purrs like a kitten, and if that is what you like you will love the Bernina 1008.

I shall call her Lucky wish is how I feel.  Now to plan some sewing.

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  2. I'm so glad you have this - and this is a good machine, I know people who have this model. Now you will be able to sew with us all again.


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