Wednesday, 27 May 2015

a summer skirt that makes me smile

so I  will not go on about my absence. I have been up to my usual, sewing, knitting, gardening and work.

The socks I am knitting seem to be going on for ever. Only four more inches and they are finished, I call them the free socks as they are leftovers from previous makes.
Dressmaking wise I have had a few waders, they rock my confidence, hopefully I can salvage the fabric. Today I am wearing a simple straight skirt self drafted using the skirt piece from a shift pattern. This is patchwork fabric and though it is light and airy, it creases terribly. I cut the front into three panels and added pockets, which worked out well. I'm pleased with the pattern matching


My computer has died so I m struggling with a tablet and blogging is limited. My son looked at my tablet as I was having trouble using blogger.  It turned out the comment section was locked. It has now been corrected and I ve since had some comments. Thank you for welcoming  me back.


  1. I love your skirt! The fabric matches the pattern so nicely. Love your socks too. I've just attempted to knit socks only to realize that the second one somehow didn't match the first one! Not sure how I managed that. I see you are knitting two at a time, do you know of an easy pattern that I can use to try that method? Lovely to see you back at your blog.

    1. Thanks Louise.
      Nice to be back. I have to admit when I turn the heel I do them separately but it is possible to do them all the way up together. I am going to attempt this pattern next. It seems popular, which Is a good sign.

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  2. It's a pretty skirt, and for gardening and chores, who cares about wrinkles :)

  3. Great to hear from you again. Love your skirt. Great colours with a fun fabric.


thank you so much for commenting, After all its whats blogging all about. Though I may not answerr all your comments I do appreciate and enjoy reading them all.