Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Naughty Step

This morning someone had been up to her usual tricks. Pinching shoes. On this dark morning my daughter came downstairs and triped over one that had been left on the staircase by a certain canine

So what do you do with a dog that constantly take things to her basket.  Firstly,  let me tell you about the things she has taken

1 purse from my handbag that, on this occasion she couldn't carry to her basket

Hubbies toe capped work boots, that she sat in her bed with, trying to rest her head on them (she looked so uncomfortable)

A bag of shopping (six tins of dog food very heavy) that she dragged from the front door  and rested by her bed.

The only explaination I can come up with is that it stems from a phantom pregnancy. Your guess is at good as mine, she is after all a rescue dog.

 an old, but typical pic of Milly on her beanbag
 So what do we do with Milly?

You put her on the NAUGHTY STEP!!

Rubbish photo taken through glass.  Not really.  Last night Milly sat on the step.   The story behind it is that we have changed her usual food to semi-moist food.  But she seems to grab a mouthful then takes it to her basket, sometimes burying it under her blankets, which  results in her becoming a bit possesive.  So now we close the door until she has finished her tea. Maybe the floor was too cold so she put herself on the step. We did laugh

for all her funny ways we love her all the same.

Im looking forward to this programme tonight The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching. Now you can teach this old dog new tricks.


  1. aww....bless her.....she is a sweetie!


  2. She is adorable! We had a dog a long time ago that would take her food outside and bury it in the garden. We would often find her digging it back up days later. Our daschund steals stuff ALL the time, but unfortunately she chews up whatever she steals. Once she took a CD off the computer desk and totally destroyed it.


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