Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mini wardrobe 2nd Piece New Look 6699 modified

Wow I cannot believe I am now half way through my mini wardrobe contest pieces.  I still have to make my shirt and a button through skirt, before tackling Scary September challenge "my first bra" (I sound like a young teenager again!)

My skirt, was made from an old New Look pattern 6699.  I took the skirt pieces from this pattern and used them.  When my fabric was delivered I laid it next to the top and added the bias tape as I envisaged it looking complete.
 I  then decided it didnt look right the bias was too broad, so I redrafted the skirt, using my 2 skirt pieces as blocks and referring to my metric pattern cutting book by Winifred Aldrich, I managed to make a new skirt pattern from it, I havent done pattern cutting for a long while and I only know basic.
I really like it and I like the piped effect with my new bias binding, I think I shall do more of this. Im not too sure if that horizontal band, if is in the right place, and I have tapered the skirt more this time.  Excuse quality of photo, the light it poor.

Ive only just discovered floral bias binding, Im aware its been around a while be we have only just started having it stocked nearby. I think its lovely and I am getting quite a collection.

Isnt this a great match for colours

For the lining I used a piece of fabric from my stash it was a bit short so I add a ribbon on the bottom.  The fabric is vintage for a car boot sale and I didnt realise that it was faulty until I got it home.  But Im fine with this as the whole exercise of the mini wardrobe was using up my fabrics and only I will see this.

Ive now cut  No. 3 my white shirt pattern long sleeve version Vogue 7903 its ages since I made a shirt and it should be fun.

 I was going to add a pleated yoke, copying a design I had seen
Great White Shirt
 On asking my sewing buddy her advice, I decided against it. I still liked the idea of a yoke front though.  So it got me thinking, lace? ribbon?  I had unpicked a top that had seen its day, it had lovely inserts on the lower part of the blouse. (I'm a sucker for dismantling clothing for the trims, zips, buttons, only if they are special.)  So I thought I would try them out on a yoke before I cut the rest of the fabric out. Its was very time consuming, and as the pieces were previously cut I was having to place them just so on my yoke template.  But I think it will be work and the efforts worthwhile, and it wont look as ridged as the pleating. Do you like it?

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  1. Great skirt. Love the lining and the piping. Very nice. Great idea to re-purpose those panels. Your shirt will be gorgeous.

  2. I love love love that skirt!!! The floral detail is perfect and I love the lining too.

    1. The lining is lovely such a shame about the flaws with the colour printing.

  3. That's such a gorgeous skirt. It's going to be one of your wardrobe staples.

    1. straight skirts seems to be my thing, I just like to tweak them for variation.

  4. It is a lovely skirt - the binding really looks nice in the seam. If you like straight skirts, it's no wonder you didn't like the recent drapey dress. The lining is lovely - and a good way to use a fabric with a flaw. Good luck with the blouse :)

    1. Id just find straight skirts are more flattering, I still havent altered that drapey dress.

  5. No, sometimes alterations are not our favourite thing! You may just find you wear it as it is - it may look better with a cardigan over it as the weather cools! And nice warm tights. I'd layer it over a warm t shirt/thermal, tights and then add a cardigan. Comfy for the house :)

    Also, I have left another note for you on my blog about colour.


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