Saturday, 28 September 2013

Vogue.7903 Shirt

This is my third piece of the mini wardrobe competition finished.  Its a shirt, and I haven't done collars for a  very long time , so it was a challenge.  I really like this blouse, especially the yoke.  Originally I was going to add a pleated yoke, but my friend thought it may be too rigid, Im so glad I took her advice as the fabric is quite thick, its a cotton sheet that was in my stash originally purchased to back a quilt.  I still wanted to have a go at cutting into my front shirt piece and recreating something different
I had an old top with inserts that had seen its day, so I carefully unpicked them   and worked out how I could use these short pieces on the yoke.  The effort paid off and I like the result. 

 The only thing I dislike are  the cuffs they are very long and loose (and I have thick wrists)  It makes the shirt feel big , in fact I have turned them back on the second picture. I shall have to review that next time I make one.   I even managed to find some vintage buttons with square inserts to match the ladder effect in the yoke.  Overall I think I have made a nice, crisp classic shirt.


  1. Each garment is a learning curve I find - and the first always leads to a second that is much better. What a good idea adding an insert from somewhere else :)

  2. Reusing that fabric for the yoke is genius! It really sets off the blouse.


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