Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stash busting Part II

Well I have gone and done itand entered myself for a competition, not only the mini wardrobe, but also over at Beverley's blog  I have entered scary September where I will endeavour to make a bra and conquer my sewing fear.  So few pieces of fabric but I cannot seem to get my head around it.  

Well I have jiggled with fabric and patterns, selected then de-selected and this is my mini wardrobe.  but I will have to spend my pennies, so much for de-stashing.  I will use two pieces of fabrics from my stash and I have had  to order two pieces of fabric. I have since decided that I would like a crisp white shirt, so the cotton I was hoping to use was just too soft.  I  came across a shirt on the Boden website that I really like, so my drawings will have to be changed again
So here it is, I wanted an everyday mini wardrobe. 
4 garments and 4 outfits.
1. top with collar.  I have started this and have decided that a white collar wouldnt look right, my illustration is too pale and there is alot more black in it  so I am just going to make a collar with the same fabric
2. straight skirt,  with contrast edgings
3. button through skirt,
this will be made from a pink linen mix,
4. button through blouse, this is the shirt I like (below) and  I really would like to make, hope I can use my pattern and add the yoke (it has tucks on) also if I have enough time.

Great White Shirt

I know they havent got the WOW factor, in fact the illustrations look abit basic, and I am finding, no matter how much you plan, your decision making becomes flexible once you starting making these garments. 

I am finding entering a  contest is motivating me ( yes its early days) I am determined to finish these outfits, just to see if they all work as hoped.  I have already started the patterned blouse and it is 3/4 finished, though I will have to make a camisole to go under it. I shall hopefully be able to show you in the next few days
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  1. Looks wow to me. Very nice. Look forward to seeing them as you finish each piece.

  2. They are lovely, classic lines and need no extra "wow" factor.


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