Saturday, 2 November 2013

100 posts so let's celebrate with chocolate.. Of course

This is my 100th post. 
In all honesty I am surprised I got this far. At times I wondered if I was writing to myself, and sometimes I thought of giving up, especially when I had writers block. So lets celebrate with chocolate........

and one of my favourites. It so reminds me of Christmas Selection boxes and Easter Eggs.

The top I made for my "garment a month challenge" is the exact colour of the foil paper on a Cadbury's chocolate bar  and its shiny too!! 

This is made from a piece of fabric that was left over sitting in my stash. I didnt  originally choose this fabric. My daughters choice when I made her a dress a few years ago, but it is a beautiful clear purple and polka dots are always a hit with me.  
The pattern is Butterick 5890.     
I had just enough to make  the shorter version minus the collar. (c)  I also omitted the front seam (why have a seam down the front, to me unsightly).
Do I like it?   Yes I do. Though I dont shy away from colour its very shiny, which I am not used to.  I think I just need to get used to it. I would have preferred the longer version which suits me better but there wasnt enough fabric  This top will give a good splash of colour under a cardigan for autumn/spring.     

The pattern says use a  22" zip.  I just dont see why you need such a long zip on this pattern. I can easily get this top on and off without undoing the zip. Even the  previous version I made which was more fitted I can manage with a zip half that length. 

There is plenty of room in it but it is rising up at the front which gives me the impression it needs to be bigger in the bust. No doubt I will make this again and will correct that next time.  I also made the neckline a little bit deeper as I dont like high round necks on me.  Overall I am happy with it and it will be a good addition to my pinks and greys that I wear a lot of.
A while back I mentioned I was thinking of upgrading my camera. Well I am so pleased to tell you that we have finally got a dlsr.  I have been eyeing these up for sometime.  Its a  Nikon D3100, its a beginner dlsr, I should be able to manage that. I love it, the pics are so much clearer. I need to get a tripod and case ordered for it.  So excited :-)  
We went to visit the in laws this week and took them to Lincoln. Of course I was clicking away like a tourist, considering it was late October when these pictures were taken the weather was incredibly warm, we didnt even wear coats.

I also mentioned that I wanted to finish dh socks , and yes (hooray!)  they are complete.  They were ribbed throughout so they were very time consuming.  At hubbies request he wanted them as long as possible, these socks go on forever.

Left: blue ribbed socks  Right:  daughters socks, made earlier in the year.  Both made from drops fabel sock wool, just different patterns in their wool.  I love their wool and have never been disappointed with the quality, and such a good price, especially when they have offers on. Do check them out.   Christmas pressies,  Dont they look lovely.

With the days getting colder and shorter, I find I struggle to  dressmake on a regular basis.  I am more likely to be sat curled up by the wood burner knitting.  I will still try to complete my challenge a month project.  In the stash is some vintage green wool crepe which will make a nice warm dress.  Just need to choose a pattern.  

On the knitting needles  at the moment is some vintage Jaeger angora Spun.  £2.00 from a charity shop.  A pair of bed socks for my daughter, who feels the cold all year round.  A lovely royal blue, this wool is so incredibly soft and fuzzy. I am so going to enjoy knitting this wool, I may not want to part with them.

Whats on your needles or sewing table at the moment. 


  1. Well done on your 100th post Louise. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with chocolate!! You've made a really nice top. I hope you do get used to the fabric and wear it a lot. The socks are very cute. Thanks for including the pics from your new camera. They are very clear with great colour. Next time we visit the UK we're going to do a canal boat holiday.

  2. Oh I would love a holiday on a canal boat.

  3. Love your top. Makes me want to go out and eat chocolate - right now! It is a lovely top - very pretty.

  4. Your photos are so much clearer. Maybe one day I'll have clearer pictures too..

    Congrats for the 100 post...I'll go and get a choccy biscuit to have with you :)

    Your top is gorgeous - the purple suits you nicely. And you finished a garment for yourself for the challenge :) I'll post it on the next update, during the week...

    Love the socks...

    Your trip to Lincoln sounds lovely - the buildings are so pretty.

    1. Thank SarahLrz sorrying I have only just got round to posting about it.

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post! Enjoy your Cadbury chocolate. I'm STILL trying to teach myself to knit and feel great envy over your pretty socks.

  6. Congratulations on your 100th post, this is a great milestone! Love your purple top, no doubt, purple is my favorite color of all time and top with the addition of polka dots ... It's great!! I am your new follower, dear Lady.

    1. Welcome to my little ciorner of blogland, hope you like.

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post, and yes, your new top is the exact same colour as the Cadbury's wrappers :) I love the random polka dots. It's a gorgeous top!


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