Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Call me "Lazy"

It is cold here at the  moment such a shock to the system after all the lovely weather last month.  I struggle with fashion in the winter months, unless I am heading out for the day  it is so easy just to throw on a pair of jeans, thick socks and a lovely warm jumper.   Its not very exciting on a daily basis but practical.  It all comes down to me being lazy.

In fairness, trousers are definitely warmer than skirts when the weathers at its worst, so I must try and and get to grips with making them, can  anyone recommend a good trouser pattern for a curvy figure.  But somehow I am always drawn to dresses.   So my November garment a month challenge of the month is to use my vintage wool crepe in my stash and sew a dress. Its a bottle green colour.

Pattern choice  Vogue 8667  I like the oatmeal version with the collar, I would like to make a matching buckled belt (not done one of those before)  Some thick wool tights, boots a nice cardi and Im sorted. Just need to make it and pray it doesnt get so cold that I grab the jeans. 

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  1. That's a very elegant dress. I look forward to your green version. We've had the opposite weather here. Our spring has come a bit late and all of a sudden it's really warm. It feels lovely to be out of jeans and into dresses.

  2. For some reason your picture wont show on my screen but the plan sounds great.

  3. thanks BeaJay, I think Ive corrected it, the faults at my end.

  4. Trouser patterns-my eternal quest. Add to the curvy issue a mid age waist/tummy and short stature. I try to use plain front slack patterns for my "good" trousers and have had the best luck with Butterick. But of course, YMMV. The dress plan sounds great, especially in green.

  5. Love your pattern choice.. so pretty.Happy sewing.

  6. I like your dress idea! bottle green sounds lovely, and I really like that neckline too :)


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