Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Yummy Buns

The other day something short of a little miracle happened.  I baked a perfect bun.  Now I can make fat-less sponge cakes, muffins  but not a Victoria Sponge mixture they always come out flat or peaky.  So much so I have given up trying. But the other day I tried once more using a recipe my friends mother uses, her cakes are wonderful so it was worth the try. Recipe -  Weigh the eggs, whatever they weigh use the same of margarine, flour and sugar (I put in a little less sugar.)  So I tried it and it worked. Boy am I proud. Soft fluffy cakes, Yummy 

Sadly my sewing mojo has disappeared just like the buns, and the needles are clicking away as I sit by the fire keeping warm. Our house is over 150 years old its cold and drafty.  No doubt after Christmas with thoughts of Spring I will return to the sewing table, hopefully sooner.

So I have finished one bed sock for dd, hopefully a Christmas present. The sock had a pattern but it wasnt visible due to the fuzziness of the wool, so I knitted in stocking stitch instead.  I am struggling with the second piece.  This always occurs  once I have completed one, which is why I love knitting 2 at once but I chose to knit these on sets of fours for a change.  Tomorrow I  have a follow up hospital appointment to find out why I was admitted to hospital in the Summer (hopefully they will have answers)  Its a long journey, probably long waits so I will take the knitting and hope I can make an impression on the sock.  I seem to be spending  too much time browsing ravelry for patterns and looking at my over flowing stash of wool, Im  so longing to start something new and exciting.    

Lastly, a fresh tablecloth and some dried flowers are making me smile at the moment. Given to me by one of our Mustard Seed customers.  I only know this as Honesty.  These paper thin white leaves catch the light from the french doors giving them a  lovely silver glow. Very pretty.

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  1. Yum! Those buns look delicious! I haven't tried knitting socks yet out of fear I'll knit one then lose interest or if I do actually knit two they won't be the same!! Good luck at the hospital, I hope it goes well.

  2. They were yummy. Hope it wasn't a fluke.

  3. Hello Louise - I do not envy you the long, cold, winters - ours are bad enough - and as a child I can remember the English winters being very cold. Cake and knitting by the fire seem like a very good way to get through - plus a bit of hibernation :)

  4. PS - good luck at the hospital, and the wool stash is lovely :)


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