Monday, 25 November 2013

the bird lady

Monday I did my usual stint at Mustard Seeds,  we were quieter this week but of course everyone came in all at once and it was chaos.  This little coffee shop continues to flourish and bring so much joy to these pensioners in our village.

Afterwards I walked home instead of my usual lift home, I had the camera with me  as I wanted to take a photo of our new tablecloths and menu sheets, looking all new and fresh.  

As I passed the mere I spotted "the bird lady" feeding the birds .
This lady calls every day to feed the birds.  They were all enjoying their food when all of a sudden the geese looked across the water...

and then took off, everyone followed


I was pleased I had my camera with me.

I noticed the newcomers were stood observing from a distance looking very regimental

As I left, I noticed the big guys approaching, not sure if they had anything to do with it. 

 Watching the birds behaviour fascinates me, especially the swans.  This mere is such a lovely place and I never take it for granted.  I feel very fortunate it is literally just around the corner from where I live. 

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  1. You live in a beautiful part of the world. It's fortunate you took your camera with you today, and had the time to take notice of the birds.

  2. Thank you for sharing these pics. You live in one of our favorite parts of the world so it's a treat to see daily life.


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